Architectural Control

 Sand Creek Village, like all other Kingwood villages, is a deed restricted community, and within those deed restrictions are requirements that homeowners are obligated to abide by.  When you purchased your house, you received a copy of the deed restrictions.  The ACC guidelines help to maintain the value of Sand Creek homes by making sure the original "atmosphere and appearance" of Sand Creek is maintained.  By requiring that certain changes be approved beforehand, the Board is able to protect homeowners from negative consequences caused by "out-of-place improvements".  In addition, it protects the individual homeowner.  When a request is approved, the homeowner receives a written document stating that the requested change is approved.  If any question is later raised, the homeowner can rely on the document to protect them.  If a change is made without approval, the Board, via the deed restrictions, can legally require the homeowner, at the homeowner's expense, to remove or modify the change in order to comply with the deed restrictions and ACC guidelines.

Copies of the Deed Restrictions, Covenants, and ACC Guidelines can be found on this website, as well as a form to request approval of your upcoming project.  Please explain on the ACC form what you wish to do and provide documentation to adequately describe the changes.  Plot plans, drawings, brochures, etc. are helpful in the approval process.  Lack of detail slows the approval process down and could result in a request being rejected.  Please allow 30 days for review and approval.  We will do our best to get back to you well before then.  For your protection, do not begin any work until you receive approval.


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