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Woodridge Village Development Update (2)

Houston, TX - Houston City Council Member Dave Martin would like to make residents in the Kingwood community aware that conversations are occurring at the highest level of leadership within Perry Homes, regarding the future of Woodridge Village. The developer is looking to do something over and beyond what they have already committed to in their memo provided to the City of Houston on October 17. While Council Member Martin was visiting St. Martha's Catholic School and Bear Branch Village, yesterday, October 30, Perry Homes was working on their Detention Pond 2, inspecting their existing silt fencing and installing new silt fencing as well as installing hay bales at their intake, and removing sediment from their outfall structure.

In response to these most recent actions taken by Perry Homes, Council Member Martin would like to reiterate what he stated at the Kingwood Town Hall meeting held on October 17. As a non-engineer, Council Member Martin believes that it is in the best interest of the Kingwood community that Perry Homes abandon the site and stop all development of Woodridge Village. Once abandoned, the Woodridge Village property would be used solely for the purposes of drainage detention. If abandonment is not an option for Perry Homes, Council Member Martin suggests that Perry Homes agree to sell the property at a discounted rate to interested agencies like the City of Houston and/or Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) to be used a detention facility. This detention facility would be used to protect downstream communities from the drainage of upstream development.

HCFCD is currently near the middle of their Kingwood Drainage Study (F-14), which is a part of the 2018 Harris County Flood Control Bond. As part of the study, HCFCD is reviewing existing level of service of existing ditches and possible alternatives to accommodate 100-year flood events which may include an expansion of the Kingwood Diversion Ditch. HCFCD plans to host a Kingwood Drainage Study progress meeting this December. Once a date has been scheduled, the District E Office will provide that information to the community.

To view the first Woodridge Village Update please visit our site here. For more information, please contact Council Member Martin's office at (832) 393-3008 or via email at districte@houstontx.gov.

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