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Harris County Flood Control Bond Program

Council Member Dave Martin would like to make District E residents aware that the passage of the Harris County Flood Control District Bond Program is important for the region as we continue to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

As the City of Houston Council Member for Clear Lake, South Belt-Ellington, Kingwood and the Lake Houston Area, I applaud the County's extensive efforts to provide meaningful projects to residents across the City. In District E, there are more than five watersheds within its boundaries that will all benefit from these projects identified in the Harris County Flood Control Bond Program Project List. These projects, if the bond is approved, seek to reduce the impact of flooding regionally.

In the Lake Houston Area the residents will benefit from projects identified in the communities' grass roots efforts - like dredging of the East Fork, West Fork and Lake Houston Area Waterways (Project ID G103-Dredge), installation of flood control infrastructure on the Lake Houston Spillway Dam (Project ID G103-Gates), and interior channel improvements for channels such as Bens Branch (Project ID G103-Kingwood) as well as in Huffman (Project ID G103-Huffman). Additionally, there are projects in the Little Cypress Creek, Cypress Creek, Luce Bayou, and Spring Creek watersheds that will assist in furthering the reduction of future flooding in the Lake Houston Area, such as sediment control projects (Project ID L100-CYPRESS- ROSEHILL).

In the Southeast Houston and Clear Lake Areas residents will see a similar significant impact due to projects such as Greens Bayou Storm Repairs (Project ID P-StormRep), Sims Bayou design and construction of stormwater detention (Project ID C506-01-00-E003), Armand Bayou construction of conveyance improvements along Horsepen Bayou (Project ID B104-00-00-FP) in addition to storm repairs located in Meadowgreen (Project ID B-StormRep), and Clear Creek major maintenance projects to restore channel conveyance (Project ID A100-CONV). These projects are a small sampling within District E that have been identified to assist with future flood mitigation. To see a complete list visit www.hcfcd.org.

It's important for residents to be aware that all watersheds work together, and the improvements made to one watershed benefit the others. With the passage of the Harris County Flood Control District Bond Program, the City and County over the next 10 to 15 years will work together towards greatly improving the regions resiliency. Council Member Martin unequivocally supports the Harris County Flood Control District Bond Program and looks forward to August 25, 2018 as we begin a new chapter in creating a truly resilient City and County.

For more information, please contact Harris County Flood Control District Bond Program Hotline at 713-684-4107.

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