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Advisory: Hurricane Harvey

Advisory: Hurricane Harvey

Houston City Council Member Dave Martin would like to make sure that you are prepared for the impact of Hurricane Harvey. The Houston area is expected to receive significant rainfall over the next several days. The District E Office has been in contact with local law enforcement, school districts, hospitals, and local chambers of commerce as well as the Coastal Water Authority.

The Coastal Water Authority advised District E two of the four flashboard gates at Lake Houston have been opened since early this morning, in anticipation of the impending storm. The CWA is monitoring this weather event closely and will maintain daily contact with the District E office. As rainfall moves in to our area the CWA will continue to make adjustments as needed. Additionally, residents are encouraged to sign up for City of Houston Office of Emergency Management Alerts by visiting www.houstonemergency.org.

At this time no shelters in the Houston area have been identified but as shelters are activated the Houston Office of Emergency Management will post information on their website. Residents in need of shelter can contact the Red Cross directly by calling 1-866-526-8300.

In the event that Houston residents witness storm damage please make all reports to City of Houston 3-1-1 by calling (713) 837-0311. CenterPoint Energy power outages can be reported over the phone to (713) 207-2222 or (800) 332-7143. For the latest information on power outages sign up for Power Alert Service for information on individual outages follow on Twitter @cnpalerts and visit the CenterPoint Outage Tracker for general outage locations. During a significant weather event long wait times should be expected but please be patient to make sure your report is completed.

Houston residents should be prepared to shelter-in-place. Your Shelter-in-Place Kit should contain:
• Water (one gallon per person per day, for drinking and sanitation-up to a 7-day supply).
• Non-perishable food (up to a 7-day supply per person).
• Battery-powered radio (with extra batteries) or hand-crank radio.
• Weather radio with tone alert and extra batteries.
• Flashlight and extra batteries.
• First-aid supplies.
• Whistle to signal for help.
• Moist towelettes, garbage bags, soap, disinfectant, and plastic ties for personal sanitation.
• Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities (water and electric).
• Manual can opener if your kit contains canned food.
• Plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place.
• Plastic tarps for emergency roof repair.
• Items for unique family needs, such as daily prescription medications, infant formula, or diapers.
• Mess kits, paper cups, plates, and plastic utensils.
• Cash and change.
• Paper towels.
• Fire extinguisher.
• Rain gear, sturdy shoes, long pants, and gloves.
• Matches in a waterproof container.
• Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification, birth certificates, passports, and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container.
• A stuffed animal or toy for your child and something to help occupy their time, like books or coloring books. If this includes a hand-held video game, make sure you have extra batteries.

Council Member Martin will be sharing alerts on Facebook and Twitter throughout Hurricane Harvey. For more information, please contact Council Member Martin's office at (832) 393-3008 or via email at districte@houstontx.gov.

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