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Lack of Legislative Support Putting Lake Houston Gates Project in Danger

In 2017, the State’s leadership asked Lake Houston regional leaders to come up with a permanent solution to our flooding problem and the Lake Houston Spillway Dam Improvement Project is the answer. We need your help making sure they know the community wants and supports this project to add flood gates to Lake Houston!!!

Over the past five years the City of Houston along with Federal Emergency Management Agency has removed over 4 million cubic yards of sediment through dredging from the San Jacinto River as well as Lake Houston, with more to come. The City of Houston along with our local partner, Harris County Flood Control District, has also completed more than five detention related projects and studies, including the first ever San Jacinto River Regional Watershed Master Drainage Plan. Lake Houston and Lake Conroe have been working together on a combined strategy for active storm management thanks to partnership with the San Jacinto River Authority. We have been working diligently to secure local and federal funding for the Lake Houston Gates and we have been successful in completing preliminary design.

The City of Houston has spent $4.375 million on design for the Lake Houston Spillway Dam Improvement Project and secured an additional $48 million dollars from the federal government along with $30 million dollars in local funds, which is why we now turn to the state to provide the final $150 million dollars towards the final design and construction of new flood control gates to be added on the east embankment of the Lake Houston Spillway Dam.

This project currently is part of Senate Bill 1 Article 11 and desperately needs the attention of Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, State Senator Brandon Creighton, and Chair of House Appropriations Greg Bonnen. I look forward to continuing to work hard alongside regional leaders and those that I represent to secure funding for this Community Project.

Please help get this over the finish line by CALLING Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, State Senator Creighton, and State Representative Greg Bonnen to let them know we need these gates to secure life and property. Thank you for your consideration, let's make our voices heard and #GETTHEGATES.

Governor Greg Abbott: (512) 463-2000
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick: (512) 463-0001
State Senator Brandon Creighton: (512) 463-0104
Chair of House Appropriations Greg Bonnen: (512) 463-0729

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