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Lake Houston Safety Plan - Know Your Zones

Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin is proud to announce the "Lake Houston Safety Plan", which promotes lake safety by improving geographical awareness to residents and recreational users preparing them to better identify their location on the lake and how to best report an incident to 9-1-1.

Mayor Pro Tem Martin has worked tirelessly over the last year with City of Houston's Planning Department to create a map for Lake Houston identifying seven geographic areas by color for residents to use when needing to identify their position on the lake. This map was completed in collaboration with City of Houston Mayor Pro Tem Martin's District E Office, Houston Fire Department, Houston Police Department and Lake Patrol Division, Houston Emergency Center, Houston Public Works, and our partners in the Harris County Sherriff's Office.

The colored zones will be essential when contacting first responders to help reduce response time. This map will be posted at all public docks/piers and offered to private communities for installation within their own private launch areas. The dispatchers at Houston's Emergency Center have been notified of the Lake Houston Zones and have already started their training.

This zone system will continue to be included in future trainings and refresher courses going forward for all City of Houston dispatchers. These maps have also been provided to all Lake Houston first responders and will be posted at public boat ramps. The City of Houston Public Works Department has prepared signage to be placed on the sides of bridges crossing Lake Houston and the San Jacinto River with the names of corresponding roadways which will be highly visible from the water. Signage should be in place by Memorial Day.

Over the next several months, the District E Team will be conducting outreach events, a targeted social media campaign, as well as sending out a mailer this summer to Lake Houston residents with more information on the Lake Houston Safety Plan. The District E Office is actively working with communities on the lake to distribute this information.

Thank you again to all the City of Houston Departments and personnel who worked to make this program and plan a resource for the Lake Houston Community. To receive resources on the Lake Houston Safety Plan or to schedule a member of the District E Team to provide a presentation to your group directly please call (832) 393-3008 or email the District E Office at districte@houstontx.gov.

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