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CenterPoint Tree Trimming


CenterPoint Energy is committed to the safe and reliable delivery of electricity. We also understand planting trees is a way to care for the environment and beautify the community.  However, when trees grow into power lines, they can cause power outages and create safety hazards for you and your neighbors. Today, trees and limbs are becoming a greater factor in causing power outages in the CenterPoint Energy service territory. Most service interruptions, whether instantaneous or extended in duration, are caused by inclement weather conditions, collisions, falling trees and limbs, lightning, or animal contact along overhead feeder circuits. 

In response to these challenges, CenterPoint Energy has adopted and implemented an aggressive tree trimming initiative whereby hazardous trees are identified and removed proactively. In Kingwood, over 37,000 trees have been removed as a result. Tree trimming and maintenance inspections are on-going practices and undertaken in an effort to locate and correct potential operating problems. In the near future, CenterPoint will introduce new technology to the system that will reduce outage times further and significantly impact the number of customers adversely impacted by unscheduled power interruptions.

For your convenience, please visit the link below for additional CenterPoint Energy tree trimming information.


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